How to Change The World At Home: 15 Easy Ideas

Hey! How is it going? 😀 

I want to share with you ideas to contribute to a better world. As Gandhi said,

“be the change you want to see in the world”

Be the Change - Key in the world Sticker - Redbubble shop - Mihoki shares - Growth Art TravelBe that key

All our actions and thoughts have an impact. It doesn’t matter how tiny they are! We have to embody this ideal and stop waiting for changes to come.

And as we say, everything starts at home… 😉

Before starting, I would like to do a shoutout to Nele from her blog The Navigation. If you like my blog, I’m sure you’ll love hers as well! She writes about Travel, Lifestyle, and Environment-friendly! Sincerely a great source of inspiration, really happy to have discovered her! 😀




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  • 1. Goodeed: How to donate for free in 1 minute

There are more and more applications that allow you to donate to NGO and associations that contribute to a better world, just by watching an ad. No money required, just your eyes and a small amount of time! 



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  • 2. Learn about psychology and cognitive bias that control us

Being aware of them is the first step to reclaim your freedom. When you know how your mind can be biased, you’re more mindful about being aligned with your values. For example, when you are in the grocery store and that marketing is everywhere: sometimes you end up buying things you don’t even need only because of unconscious marketing tricks (it was “on sale”, highlighted, forms/colors etc…).

I personally think it’s a fascinating topic, I already planned to write an article about the most common cognitive bias and how to concretely grow from them. Let me know if you’re interested so that I’ll do it in priority!



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  • 3. Contribute to Progress and innovation

Progress in Science can really have a huge impact and be a game changer. Contributing to Science is a good idea to help to discover more about our world. That’s what we call Citizen sciences: find projects online, volunteer and help progress with huge impact.

How to: You can find projects on and more info on different Citizen Sciences websites like,, etc…

>> In the same vein, you can also “share” your computer power for projects that require a lot of power: for example, the website describes itself as “the world’s largest climate forecasting experiment for the 21st century.” And with your computer’s help, they will be able to predict the Earth’s climate up to 2080 and to test the accuracy of climate models. I’ve heard that NASA was also looking for your computer power for their space research: now you’ll be able to say that you contributed to finding aliens 😉

What’s cool about it, is that it won’t even take your time! You can choose to share your computer power during your sleep for example!

If you’re interested, I recommend you to have a look at this article I found that lists “12 cool ways to donate your PC’s spare processing power



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  • 4. Self-development: work on being the best self to inspire the world

What I love about it, is that it never ends! You can always improve yourself and learn new things! And it’s even more incredible when you start seeing the changes: I used to be very timid and to lack of confidence 6 years ago. Meanwhile, I’ve discovered the existence of “self-help” books, videos and others resources. I started applying every tip I could get, and give me an amazing feeling of satisfaction to see myself grow in the good side!

>> The changes start by yourself. Yes, I believe you can change the world at your scale with personal development: by doing the right things and having the right mindset, it’s undeniable that others will take example on you, even if you don’t notice it. See it like a chain you want to start, a positive “plague”.



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  • 5. Little steps to lower ecological footprint

It’s all about being open to changing our habits and get informed about a more ecological lifestyle. Maybe you’re already aware of these initiatives: zero waste, organicplant-based lifestyle, renewable energies… An article on examples of concrete steps you can take in your daily life is arriving soon, it’ll be useful if you’re in the mood of researching by yourself 😉

>> The most important is to try it, even for a short time (for a week/month challenge), to understand that in the end, it’s not that difficult! (And when you know what you’re doing is actually good for the planet, it really gives a unique feeling of satisfaction!)



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  • 6. Use ethical browsers that donate

I mainly know Lilo & Ecosia Browsers or even that does a 5% donation for each purchase you make! By using them, they receive money, but contrary to Google or Bing, they actually donate a part to associations and NGO. You don’t even have to do a real effort, just keep doing your activity, they will do the rest for you!



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  • 7. Consum-action: Your purchases are Actions

When you buy something, you indirectly contribute to it. To every step of the process. Beware of what you buy! I can’t emphasize enough how important is it to read the label of what you buy. Is buying those candies worth contributing to deforestation? (I’m not even exaggerating) 

>> You can inform yourself of things and firms to boycott on the website Never forget that together we are able to make an industry go bankrupt just by stopping buying their non-ethical products.



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  • 8. Share your art and ideas

I believe art can change our society and the world, in every form. Don’t be afraid to be too ambitious! Look, the guy who invented bitcoins started alone in its room, same for Mark Zuckerberg! Maybe you’re the next person who will revolutionize the world?

>> Stop being afraid of opening up to others and sharing your creation. Yes, it’s called being vulnerable, but that’s how great things start!



  • 9. Social Network power: use them wisely to spread truthful information

Power of Social Networks Jerome Jare Instagram - Mihoki Shares Blog - Growth Art Travel

I believe Social Networks can both be destructive and world-changer. You can be the bond, link between the right information. Share your values.

Actually, I know a lot of people who become aware of the benefits of going vegetarian thanks to social network. For example, the french influencer Jerome Jarre succeeded gathering 2 million dollars for a humanitarian cause in Rohingya thanks to social network. 




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  • 10. Share positivity

As I said, Social Networks can also lead to depression if one is not surrounded by the right persons. It’s important for everyone to feel supported and in the right place

>> Don’t hesitate anymore to leave a (positive) review whenever it’s possible, after any kind of services. It takes less time than you think and it’s really powerful.

For example, when I launched my blog, I didn’t have any feedback of my writings for 20 days, so I had no ideas if I was writing bad, if I had to change something quick or if I was heading in the bad direction. As a non-native English speaker, it’s hard for me to know if my messages are clear enough. Hopefully, I met a girl on Instagram who sent me a message about my articles, and it reassured me a lot to know that I don’t have to worry about that anymore, and I can keep focusing on my content and sharing values!



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  • 11. Reflect on your daily habits & how to improve them

What are the daily things you do? Which one has a high impact on the planet? Are they positive or negative? Do they make you feel awesome and happy?

>> I highly recommend you to make a list of your daily routine and reflect on each pattern and action you make. If you need more inspiration about effective and ethical routines, I recommend you to get inspired on YouTube or with books (my selection here that gives an idea for morning routines and successful habits) meanwhile my article about my personal routine arrives 😉 (Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter on the right sidebar so that I can let you know you when it’s out! I promise it’ll bring you new perspectives and value ☀)



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  • 12. Go plant-based

No, please, don’t flee! Vegan is not a swear word! The impact is way bigger than you think

The Carbon Foodprints of Different Diets


if the entire world went plant-based we could save so many resources that we could share it with the poor.

>> If you follow my blog, you know that I always recommend getting started with a nutrition guide, because it gives you all the basics you need to know and a lot of delicious plant-based recipes with low footprint impact! And there’s even a plan for those who want to have an impact on the world and lose fat at the same time, how cool is that??



  • 13. Declutter and donate (circular economy)

Production costs a lot, at the same time for your wallet and for the earth. Hence the importance to sort out as often as possible all your belonging and to donate to those who really need it. You’ll feel so good that have more space for yourself and for making someone more comfy and happy!

As an artist, my earnings are very low. That’s why I decided to have a RedBubble shop, to earn enough to invest in others projects that will have a more powerful impact. If I say this, it’s because I want to be honest and show how contradictory it can be: I sell items whereas I recommend you to only buy second-handed objects. I’m like in a cognitive dissonance but I don’t see the solution, so if you think you can enlighten me on this, feel free to share it on the comment or to send me a message!



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  • 14. Stay informed and get to know what the world really needs

It can be really hard to select the right source of information. It’s not about the quantity of news you can hear, but rather the quality of it. Yes, taking the time to wisely choose your source of information is a must for me (and not always funny I know)…

Moreover, some people limit their information to news around them but getting informed of worldwide news is as important (even if the farther you are from an event, the more empathy decreases).

This can lead to finding opportunities, ideas, inspiring persons etc…

>> I recommend you to get a list of news that touches you, that really resonates with your being. For example, when my best friend saw how engaged I was with animals, she tried to do the same. But, she felt so bad, because she had the impression she “forced” herself to do it, even if she knows it was for a right cause. However, the day she learned about zero waste initiatives, she totally connects with it! Now, she is thinking about building a whole new association about it. So the lesson here is to be patient with yourself and keep looking for that cause that really makes you passionate and resonates with your values!



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  • 15. Think about your natural gifts

Last but not least, be aware of your personal strengths. It’s so important to know in what way you are unique, things you’re good at, and things you love! Everyone is different, even if you’re not very tolerant about yourself and feel “normal”, I assure you that you are gifted, you just have to go deeper in yourself to find it! And nothing prevents you to learn and develop a new skill you love!

>> Have you heard about the Ikigai? I think it’s one of my favorite tools! You have to fill 4 lists: things you’re good at, things you love doing, things you can be paid for and things that will help the world. Try to connect the dots and see what are the element in common.

>> Once you find it, try to exploit it in order to improve the world. Share it with others!

Here’s a video of the YouTuber Lavendaire to illustrate what the Ikigai is:


Final thoughts

I really want to emphasize that we all have an impact on the planet, therefore we can all change the world at our scale. I always get a little disappointed when I see people who say to me that it is useless, that alone nothing changes so what the point in making efforts etc…

“We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.”

– Sonia Johnson


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Thanks for reading, I hope it gave you ideas! Tell me which point did you like the most, and if you’re gonna try it one! 😀

Have a nice day ☀

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  1. Great tips and ideas! Thanks for sharing! I totally agree… each and everyone of us can make small changes in our daily life for a better world.

  2. Share positivity…is the one which i like the most and i’m interested in learning new things. But in sharing the ideas or art…it is very difficult for me, as you said lack of confidence or fear of something…. I will definitely try to overcome it.
    Thanks for sharing it!!💛

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