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Work with Me

I’d be happy to pair with you for any kind of project contributing to a better world! To get to know me, you can check my About page // for my resumé you will find it below 😉

Why ask Mihoki in particular?

My different passions led me to develop strong skills in different fields, complementing each other and offering a unique touch.

I only collaborate with brands and companies I consider ethical and sustainable.

Strenght points:

  • I value sustainability in all my work, strong emphasize on ethics
  • I had professional trainings in art and design (cf Resume), I work on my creativity every day
  • As an entrepreneur, I developed multidisciplinary skills (marketing, communication, management…)
  • I lived in 5 different countries and have collaborated with international companies, I’m passionate about intercultural communication
  • My discipline and every day practice led me to become an hyperpolyglot (I can have a conversation in more than 6 languages)
  • Training and passion for human psychology and social sciences
  • I have traveled the world without planes and got used to produce content (photos, articles, videos…)
  • I have experience in dubbing, modeling and acting in movies

What can we create together?

Work with me icon for illustration and design - mihokishares
  • Poster
  • Illustration
  • Logo
  • Brand kit
  • Graphic design
Work with me icon for model and collaboration - mihokishares
  • Modeling
  • Commercials photoshooting and video making
  • Public Speaking
  • Social media shout out
Work with me icon for extra and bonuses- mihokishares
  • Documentary projects
  • Music project
  • Any kind of crazy idea!

Contact me

Hey! To contact me by email, it’s here:

If it’s more comfortable for you, I also accept requests via Instagram:

Instagram MP here