Iceland volunteering part 2!

After volunteering in a school, I decided to volunteer in Reykjavik for the environment!
I made a video where, I share life lessons I’ve learned, not only about the environment, but also from living in an international community, and from the Icelandic culture.

I hope you will be inspired or learn something from it!

Enjoy!! ♥

PS: I transcribed just below what I say in the video if you prefer reading 🙂

PS2: The association I was with is called SEEDS (in case you’d be interested)

//My second Iceland video

(don’t know if we can call this a vlog?)

//The transcription

Introducing the context of my story…

During my second week in Iceland, I decided to keep volunteering, but this time for another international project around the environment.

With the people of my group, we got to know and discussed the steps for a greener world, and how to create new ways to make an impact at different scales. 

What we learned about the environment…

We learned about the process of recycling in Iceland, how the country is entirely provided by renewable geothermal water, but still while playing together, interacting with people on the street, and discovering Reykjavik.

Together, we also made our voices heard by participating in the climate Strike in Reykjavik. 

Hope begins by taking concrete actions.

And I believe we can contribute to a better and sustainable world by keeping his joie de vivre, it is even essential in fact!

What I learned about the international community…

And the international atmosphere can only help to feel united in this world.

Realizing that food should be shared, as in Korea or China for instance.

Or that we can also put chocolate in a salad, and transgress our cultural norms.

Nature is powerful…

But nature doesn’t need us to survive.

In fact, we are rather fighting to prolong the survival of humankind, to respect the life that has been given to us, and to avoid witnessing environmental conditions worsening.

When discovering Iceland, we quickly understand that nature is a powerful entity, which we can not fight against.

Mother Nature has also conveyed many important life lessons to Icelanders.

Life and weather conditions are so unpredictable that it’s no use planning well in advance, you have to trust life. 

The wisdom of Iceland…

Iceland’s history, climate, and geology have shaped a unique way of seeing life. If something goes wrong, just pause for a moment. Take a deep breath, and remember þetta reddast: it will all be fine in the end.

This country is so unique and special, no train, no railway nor forest, no Macdonald nor Starbuck, just a refreshing peaceful, and eco-friendly place!

And I hope, this country can inspire us to be even more respectful and grateful toward nature.

Because without it, we wouldn’t be even here reading this blog post article 😉

So thank you

(to you for reading, and for Nature)

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