10 Tips to Find Inner Peace Instantly – ft. My Nepal Experience

Hi ♥ I want to share with you the beautiful experience I had in Nepal!

It was a really inspiring trip, that was eye-opening!

Here’s a little Travel Nepal Experience vlog video where I sum everything up, enjoy!!

Nepal & Inner Peace

Thanks to Buddhism and Hinduism wisdom, I learned a lot about inner-peace… So I thought I could share with you essential tips!

I took again the book “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace” by Wayne Dyer

I loved it so much, and think it is the perfect occasion to add precious lessons about inner peace in this article!

(By the way, here’s my article about my favorite books you should read now!)

Inner peace is a state of mind. Whatever the situation you are in, you should start by relaxing, then thinking, and finally acting.

Detect things that might hinder your ascent to inner peace. If, for example, you are a nervous, grumpy, anxious person, etc., these emotions will have to be controlled and neutralized so that you can evolve towards a state of constant serenity.

The following tips are a summary of the book. You can take whatever resonates with your situation, and judge if you consider these tips useful or not at all! These are suggestions, not order nor “must do” things! But you should definitely try them all, and see how you feel afterward 😉

1. Have an open mind to everything and attached to nothing

  • Believe that anything is possible if you have enough willpower
  • Welcome what life brings you without judging
  • Run from gossip and people that you don’t feel like high energy with.
    • (it can be stressful to talk about things that are not lifting each other, being around people that only focuses on their problems… Without realizing, even if you like your friend, those who always talk about others can deplete you of your energy.)

2. Don’t die without having played your own inner music

“When you do the right thing, you get the feeling of peace and serenity associated with it. Do it again and again.”

-Roy T. Bennett

It means you have to listen to your heart, and take risks for your passion, what animates you in life.

Acknowledge that failure is only an illusion, no need to be afraid of it:

  • Listen to your heart
  • Take risks for your passion
  • Know that failure is only an illusion and that we should not be afraid

3. You can not give what you do not have

Some tips to practice it:

  • Change what you do not like about yourself (some of your behaviors or reactions for example)
  • Be the mirror of the person you admire, the model you want to be (body language, act, words…)
  • Learn to love and respect yourself
  • Find your goal, your inner purpose (have you done your Ikigai?)

4. Adopt the silence

“It is better a word that brings peace than a thousand that bring only emptiness. “

Some tips to help you with it:

  • Discover the value of silence by challenging yourself to tell only what is necessary
  • Integrate more silence into your life
  • Learn to practice Mindfulness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or to invest in it.

5. Give up your personal story

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”

-Eckhart Tolle

What he means:

  • Not stay glued to the past
  • Live the present moment and accept reality as it is (by doing mindfulness exercises)
  • What are you grateful for right now? In this present moment? 
  • Focus on your goals and on what legacy you would like to leave. How can you act right now, without being disturbed by your past?

6. It is impossible to solve a problem with the same spirit that created it

What to work on:

  • Accepting the world as it is (how can we help to make it a better place? How to act, with hope and faith?)
  • Thinking that there is a link between each individual, that we are all members of the human family. By helping people you don’t even know, you’re also helping yourself.

7. There is no justified resentment

“No one will punish you for your anger; Anger will take care of itself to do it. ” – Buddha

In other words, here are some tips mentioned in the book:

  • Accept the opinion of others even if it is different from yours
  • Forgive those you think hurt you
  • Let go of your prejudices (leave your expectation, things you have to control, stay open to new experiences)
  • Don’t wait for others to validate you, be confident of who you are, and embrace your uniqueness!

8. Treat yourself as the person you would like to be

  • By taking care of yourself, you take care of the world.

How do you want your surroundings to be happy if you’re not happy yourself?

How do you want peace around you, if you aren’t in peace with yourself?

  • Be sure to believe that you’re beautiful and that you bring good things to others
    • (you’re here for something, and your intentions are good.) You deserve to be happy and do what you like.
  • See the beauty in others, in things that are surrounding yourself, because beauty is in your eyes
    • Not only exteriorly, but try to imagine when you don’t know someone (a stranger in the street for example) how beautiful this person is on the inside

9. Cherish your power to create your life

You are the creator of your life and the God of the world in which you live.

  • Embrace happiness in small things
    • (in your relationships, or simply being able to enjoy a delicious meal)
  • Acknowledge and be proud of yourself. 
    • (make the point of what you have achieved so far, and acknowledge that you deserve love, accept your qualities and defaults.)
  • Recognize that you are allowed to not know something and to fail
    • you are allowed to change your mind, belief in your tomorrow, that can only be better. Your best day hasn’t happened yet!

10. Wisdom is to avoid any weakening thought

“Even your worst enemy can not hurt you as much as your own thoughts. ”  – Buddha

I love how this quote sums up this point!

It means that your mind is nourished with thoughts of peace, love, acceptance, and goodwill.

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Thanks for reading, I sincerely hope you learned something and felt more in peace and learned from my Nepal Experience video!

See you soon 😀

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