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I’ve created this website to share my most life-changing tips for a more fulfilling life while having a positive impact on the world. 

Why? Well, I believe that life is not about growing and learning in our corner, but rather sharing and spreading joy around.

From what I experienced, if we want to contribute to a better world, it starts by being in love with ourselves and our values. 


Besides my blog, you will also find my art and other projects, that I hope, will inspire you likewise!

Oh, and by the way, I also write about personal development, art, travel, languages, health, culture, and philosophy, because there are my favorite topics! 

I’d be happy to share with you anything valuable 


If I say multifacetedeclectic or multi-potentiality…? 

These words are all linked to the same idea: having (too) many interests.

It led me to the struggle which ones should I commit to?“. 

But as Emilie Wapnick said in her TED Talk, I just accepted that no one can decree me to specialise in one field. I’m free to make a living from all my passions.

That’s why I aim to become a wise engaged world-nomad traveler activist polyglot artist blogger! If you please!

So here are some facts about me:

  • I’m a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer

  • I’m a french girl, I just finished my (online) bachelor at the Sorbonne University in Paris

  • I play the piano and I'm also into Cello

  • I love sports! I do Rock-climbing/bouldering, yoga, pilates, and aerial silk

  • meditate and read every morning, it’s very important for me

  • I embrace the healthy lifestyle cliché haha

  • I chose to not eat any animals and anything that come from them (for ethical, environmental, and health reasons)

  • I am aiming to minimalism and zero waste lifestyle as much as I can

  • Since June 2019 I pledged to myself to not take planes anymore (for the environment), but I’m still currently wandering around the world

  • I speak French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Esperanto, German and currently improving my Swedish and Russian

  • My favorite book since childhood is Le Petit Prince