Eco-Friendly Quiz: Do you REALLY respect the environment?

Hallo!! Time to share some eco-friendly tips!

Changing a whole lifestyle can be quite overwhelming and difficult.

Yet, all the scientists say it: no time to joke around with our environment!

I first wanted to do an article with a list of ideas and tips to implement in our lives, but I thought it would be even more interesting to make this subject fun and interactive. 

So without further ado, here’s the game!

And if you’re more a visual person, no worries, I transcribed the game just below!

  • 1)  Eating habits

    1. If you always cook your leftovers and eat them before they expire 1pt
    2. Is the majority of your food local and not imported? If yes 2pt
    3. If you pay attention to ingredients to avoid palm oil for instance  2pt
    4. You avoid eating industrial and ready-made food (so if you cook your own meal) 1pt
    5. If you’re… Vegan 3pt / Vegetarian 2pt / Eat meat once a week 1pt 
  • 2) Zero Waste

    1. If you avoid fast fashion and mainly buy second-handed 2pt
    2. If you recycle carefully (plastic/paper/glass/can/etc…) 2pt + 1pt if you have a compost
    3. If you always ask for a doggy bag when you have leftovers in restaurants 1pt
    4. You have ever sorted out or done a big clean-up in your space to see what you don’t use anymore? You’re brave! 3pt
    5. If you don’t use something anymore, and you choose to donate, repair or donate instead of throwing it away 2pt
  • 3) Plastic

    1. You use reusable bags when you go to any shops instead of buying plastic bags 1pt
    2. You always have your water bottle and instead of bringing or buying a plastic 1pt
    3. Do you refuse to buy items with plastic packaging? 2pt
    4. If you always say “No straw please” 1pt
    5. Do you buy ingredients in bulk? Then it’s 3pt
    6. If you always say no to useless gifts, booklet or ads (e.g.: in the street) 2pt
  • 4) Energy

    1. If you charge your phone while you awake and turn off the charger straight after it hits 100% 2pt
    2. If you listen to a song in the shower and try to finish before the song finishes 1pt
    3. Do you turn off your non-used light? 1pt
    4. You pee in the shower to avoid water waste made by flushing? Good! 2pt
    5. You always unplug machines off during the night or when out (TV included) 3pt
    6. You have rechargeable batteries for devices used frequently 1pt
    7. You prefer having showers over baths 1pt
  • 5) Social

    1. Do you actually talk about your eco-friendly habits with people? Do you spread the word? Then it’s 2pt
    2. You participate in a climate strike or joined an activist group 1pt
    3. If you know what is greenwashing and how to avoid it 2pt
    4. Have you ever sent an email to a brand or city to ask for eco-friendly changes? If yes, 3pt
    5. You use eco-friendly devices or browsers like Ecosia 1pt
    6. If you have ever watched a documentary about the environment and inspiring way to change 1pt
    7. Do you follow sustainable influencers/associations? 1pt
    8. If you have ever planted a tree 3pt 
    9. Have you ever requested plastic-free gifts for yourself? Yes? then 2pt
  • 6) Moving

    1. You’ve tried carpool or hitchhiking 2pt
    2. You choose public transportation over your car 1pt
    3. Or if you only walk or use a bike for commuting 2pt
  • 7) DIY

    1. If you make your own hygiene products 2pt
    2. Or even your own cleaning products 2pt
    3. If you create yourself gifts for other persons or buy only experiences 1pt

Results – Your eco-friendly journey? 

(To be honest, the result doesn’t even matter, it’s about you, how you can do better the next time you take the test, etc… But I hope these messages can be motivating for you 😉 )

// If you have 15 or less

Maybe you’re starting but it’s okay, it just means that you will be able to challenge yourself even more and see more progress. I highly encourage you to start focusing on one topic, go deeper, and then switch to other topics and learn about the things you were not told. You will see that it’s not that hard to reach the next level!

// between 16  and 30 

Good! You have all the basics and you’re in a good way.  Keep it up and maybe try to surround yourself with other pals to progress together, or follow people you find inspiring or that had already achieved the next level.

//between 31 and 46 

Good job! You seem to be interested in this topic, and you do it well! You can still progress and that’s a good thing because it means you can feel even more satisfied 🙂

// between 47 and 64 

Wow, impressive, you can be so proud of all your effort!! You’re already very invested and it would be nice to share with people around you what you do. You’re an eco-friendly person!

// 65 points

If you got all the points,*applauds*  just Thank you. And don’t be afraid to share and don’t forget that you cannot force others to change, just focus on your lifestyle and bringing the positive things around you. Hopefully, it will inspire others!

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So… that was it!

Share your eco-friendly tip in the comment and if you want to share your score feel free to do it!

It’s not about being judged, but even for you, it can be a great way to see your progress and how far you’ve come. Come back in a few months and see how you evolved!

And don’t forget to check my article about easy ideas to help the world!!

Thank you so much for reading till the end, feedback would sincerely be welcomed!!

All the best to you,

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