The 10 most used keywords in self-help books

I can’t praise enough the benefits of reading. It can literally change your life as it changed mine!

Today, I’d like to share with you the most recurrent themes I came across while reading, and why considering them is important. I will also give you some concrete tips for each keyword to level up your life.

Thanks to websites and apps like Blinkist (Koober is the French version I use) that I already mentioned in my recommended tools, I’ve read over 100+ non-fiction books in a few months. They offer 20 minutes summaries that cover all the essential points of each book!

However, as they still contain much information, I’ve taken the habit to take notes. Thanks to those notes, I was able to reread each book and write this article! By the way, you can find here a list of my 10 favorite self-books (I’ve used in this top)

So I wondered, what if I found the most common keywords from all these books? What are the recurrent themes that link them all? What can I keep from these words?

I selected a sample of 100 books and I manually examined the most used words for each of them (yes, it took me a while haha!)

It allowed me to create these top 10 common keywords in a non-fiction book!


N°10 – Values

Principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgment of what is important in life.”

Values enable us to focus on what really matters. They allow us to make a connection with like-minded persons and strengthen our bonds.

Can we really enjoy our lives without values?

>> Make a list of what is important for you in life. It will help you feel more aligned with who you are and will help you make great decisions. They are the guidelines for your behavior!

N°9 – Body

Our body is the foundation of our existence. Source of suffering, trouble, but also the one who provides us with pleasure and allows us to feel. We owe it all our respect by having a healthy lifestyle and by taking care of it.

>> Take a moment to think about the last things you’ve eaten or drunk. Are you aware of all the ingredients that composed it? Do you know where everything comes from? Pay attention to what kind of food or liquid you give to your body. Would you rather give a nutriment-less junk food or a living homemade meal to someone your love?

N° 8 – How

In what way? Which way? The “how” enable us to understand the process. We can pair it with the “Why”.  It helps our minds to structure and find the right means to meet our goals.

How do we know we’re doing the right things? How do we measure life? How do you know you’re not dreaming now?

>> By asking “Why” and “How” all the time, you become able to discover new ways of thinking and stay inspired. That’s my secret when I go to the museum: I stop in front of each piece of work and ask myself “Why did the author make it like this?”

N°7 – Happiness

(I really expected this one to be the number one… but no!)

Feeling of joy and satisfaction. Uncountable word. The pursuit of happiness or the search for contentment in life is a quest human beings are willing to achieve. To what cost? Why searching when the answer is here and now?

>> The secret is to be grateful. Don’t consider everything you have in your life as established. See it rather as a chance! You’re so lucky to be alive, to have the internet and access to all these resources! Express your gratitude and you’ll see that you already have all you need to be happy right now.

N° 6 – Mind

We create our reality from it. The mind is the manifestation of thought, emotion, determination, memory, perception, and imagination. It is the awareness of consciousness, the ability to control what we do and know what we are doing.

By controlling your mind, you can change your behaviour, the way you see life.

>> To master it, listen to your thoughts, acknowledge them no matter how bad they are, observe them, and especially practice self-compassion.

N°5 – World

The Our world is matter, space, and phenomena that are accessible to us through the senses, experience, or reason. The most common meaning refers to our planet, the Earth, with its inhabitants, and its more or less natural environment. Extended meaning refers to the universe as a whole.

We can all change the world and make it a better place on our own scale!

>> Example of challenge: Take 5 min to initiate yourself to a zero-waste and plastic-free lifestyle

N°4 – Work

Most part of our life is dedicated to working. We can choose either we take it as a pleasure or suffering. By loving the process, we make it easier to overcome hardships and achieve our goals. Nothing great comes without work!

>> Fill your Ikigai: list the things you’re good at, things you love, things the world need,s and things you can be paid for, and find that gem that matches all these categories! Life is a blessing, you deserve to do a job that you love and will nourish you!

N°3 – Life

You’re the only one who can choose what you want to do with this precious gift: life.

As Charles R. Swindoll said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

>> Take 10 minutes to reflect on what you want your life to be. What are the things you want to achieve before dying? What do you want others to retain from your life?

N°2 – Others

We are social animals said, Aristotle. Indeed, we function as a society. We are constantly influenced by the ones around us. Strong and healthy bonds with others are important. It’s no small matter we say “alone we go faster, but together we go further”

>> Who are the 5 persons you spend most of your time with? Do you consider them toxic? Inspiring? Are they a model for you? If it’s not the kind, start considering finding new like-minded friends that will really want your happiness and help you mutually grow.

N°1 – Time

What is more precious than time? The one right now? Tik. Tok. No, it never stops. It doesn’t wait for you either. Don’t try to run after him, it’s useless. Sometimes you feel like it slows down. Other times you wish it wasn’t that fast. Tik. Tok. Oh no, another minute passed! How to not be afraid of it anymore?

>> What if the secret was simply to sit and wait. Doing nothing. Embrace it. You have important things to do? No problem, then stay 20 minutes more. You need it more.


I didn’t include verbs in this list, but if I did, they would be the most used ones.

Do it. Because You Can. Isn’t it beautiful?

What I like about books, is that they give you the methods and techniques, but they will never act at your place. Sometimes, when we finish reading a non-fiction book, we are astonished by the precious content. But how many times did we really act? Books give you a great feeling of fulfillment and give you the impression that you moved forward, but don’t let this be an illusion. Do it.

Here’s another bonus: the top 30 book keywords!

I hope these different keywords will inspire. Choose the ones that appeal to you, make it a list, and reflect on what could it mean about you and your values.

Do you agree with these frequencies? Which are the words that you consider more important than the other ones?

11.  Money

12.  Feelings

13.  Why

14.  Needs

15.  Knowledge

16.  Conscience

17.  Activity

18.  Willpower

19.  Self

20.  Persons

21.  Learning

22.  Believes

23.  Skills

24.  Project

25.  Problems

26.  Meditation

27.  Entrepreneurship

28.  System

29.  Stress

30.  Situation

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If you liked it, let me know because it’s the first time I’m doing this concept so I would love to receive some feedback!

I wish you all a good continuation!

Thanks for reading ♪

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