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Hi! Thank you for being here ♫


On this page, I introduce you different ways you can contribute and help me to realise my dream of making a living from my content and my creations!

Thanks a lot, I’m very grateful ♥

PS : I really want all my work and resources to be free because I think knowledge should be accessible for everyone.

But in order to provide a website of quality and to sustain it, I have no choice but insert some ads in my blog. I hope you don’t mind. If it disrupts you too much, please send me a message so that I can fix it!


Red Bubble Shop

From apparels to supplies, the Red Bubble Company have a wide choice of products for anyone. 

I do the design and they send you the product. Even if the commission I receive is low, I’m always happy to see that you can find something that meet your expectation!

UPDATE 2020: I decided to stop producing for this shop, because of the pollution it creates for the environment.

Support me

Support me

My Services

By clicking here, you will be able to access to the different services I offer.

I do mainly Illustration and Graphic Design.

But soon, you will see that I’m also open for music producing, translations and even some coaching!

If you’re interested, I’d prefer you to contact me directly here or on Instagram.


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Fill in Reviews

I’ve written several surveys I would love you to fill out!

Some are about knowing you better so that I can create content that will really help you. Others are about my articles and ebook (did it help, have you found spelling mistakes etc.) 

It is very quick to fill in and it will help me more than you think ♥

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Social Networks

Share, Like, Comment, Subscribe… I am sure you already  know the score, but it sincerely helps me to develop the community.

Please, don’t hesitate to share by word of mouth too, the more the merrier!




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You think you can help me by any other mean?

  • Maybe you found some spelling mistakes?
  • Maybe you want to share your article on my blog?
  • Or ask me to collaborate to your project?

Know that I’m open to all offer! You can contact me by clicking on the picture above.


Give a Coffee

Have you heard of the Ko-fi platform?

It allows everyone to support creators they like and show their appreciation by donating a small amount of money.

Exactly as if you bought them a Coffee! 

Support me

Support me

Support me

Free Donation

if no other means suits you but still want to support me, you can do a donation of your choice by PayPal!

If you do not want to donate money but something else, it’s also welcome! (it can be a piece of advice, a tool, a help etc.).

In this case, you can send an email to