Important Message for the Chosen One (Motivational Poem)

Hi! Today I would like to share something really new for me: a motivational poem aiming for the chosen one (aka YOU)

It’s the 2nd poem I’ve ever written in my life (the 1st one was homework for school), but the 1st English one!

In this article, I will not only share the poem but also the story behind it 😀

Without further ado, here is the result:

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Motivational Poem – Ideas behind

First of all, this poem is an invitation to overcome your limiting beliefs by understanding you are the hero of your own story:
Yes, you are unique.
You are the creator of your own reality.
However, it all depends on your thoughts and beliefs.
Sometimes fear makes us afraid and we prefer to not do anything.
But the world and nature are currently in danger and we need everyone to act.
So, keep in mind: You can change the life of others and the world just by making choices, spreading love, and decide to act and not stay passive.


 Let’s sum up

So, the initial idea was to create a text, a vow to action, a challenge to inspire change, actions & overcoming your limiting beliefs.

And also, understanding what reality is.

Indeed, how can we know we aren’t all living different realities? different world?

In any case, you’re in command of yours.

So yes, you have the power to change.

Because you’re the God of your reality.


Motivational Poem – The Chosen One (text)

Hey, it’s me.

A doll in your world.

A world that would be, 

Endlessly unfurled.


I walk in the direction 

of your thoughts

Because they are the reflection

of your loss


You’re the one who commands

But do you even know it?

It’s all in your hands 

But maybe you won’t admit


Your shadow beliefs

are holding me back

till your sweet release

I won’t be on track


You know, changes don’t wait

So make me move now

You know, we share the same fate

So don’t ask me how


Act as if what you do 

Would make a difference. 

Act can only be true

And doesn’t know innocence


Clean up the air

the soil, the seas

‘Cause I’ll go where

I can see the trees


Opportunities for action,

But fear lose you to inaction.

Recall my mere expectation

Wasn’t it just your ambition?


From what you dread 

to what you know

assumptions said

It’s the brain show


You were born with a gift

The gift of impacting me.

No, I won’t let you drift

’cause, there is no master b.


Confront the reality 

The one holding your fears,

so that I can be carefree

And embrace my own tears.


What can you do to me,

a To make my soul vibrate?  

b To make my words wise?  

c To make my hope rise?  

d To make my life change?  


Inspire me.

Enlighten me.

Bless me.

Provoke me.


Yes, love me so much

I would spread it all

How beautiful such

Powers that never fall


Finally, you have decided

to take the less-traveled road

Making me ignited

Making me grow


You chose to fight for something 

Rather than live for nothing.


And I’ve never been that happy.

You’re brave. You’re bold. 

Yet, doubt starts to overwhelm

But look, this inner gold!

You, creator of your own realm.


The one and only,

The chosen one.


Did it help?

So that was the poem! Besides, I’d really appreciate feedback.

I’m also very curious to know if it has resonated with your story and in which way!

If you liked it, you will love my article about life-changing lessons I learned while growing up!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!


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