Proving to Myself I Can Do a YouTube Video (+Get Inspired & Be Challenged)

Aloha! So excited to share with you my first YouTube video!! But there is a thing: This video is made with footages I initially deleted!

In order to try new media and reach more people, I thought about getting more serious with YB. And I had this message I wanted to share, so “let’s try through a video!”

But I wasn’t at ease with my camera and my way of talking. So I tried again, again and again…

And still, I wasn’t happy with the result.

So I gave up. And time passed.

Finally, I could realize how ironic it was!

Conveying a message of beating fear and letting go, while not being able to accept to be a beginner in doing a youtube video!

There it is! I am taking my courage with both hands and I’m sharing this with you!

I’m sincerely hoping that you can extract from this video, valuable things that will make a difference in your life πŸ™‚


So concretely, how can you grow from this video?

  1. First, ask yourself: is there anything you always wanted to do but never actually started? (having a blog, doing YB videos, launching your business…)
  2. Why haven’t you started? (Not enough time? Afraid? Waiting for the good opportunity?)
  3. What are your fears? (What is not perfect enough? What prevents you from being vulnerable?)
  4. What if you started right now, and keep consistent? Where would you be in 5 years?
  5. What are the best things that could happen by doing it?

Once it’s clear for you, I invite to take a few minutes (could be only 5 minutes if really you’re busy) to start making a plan or jet down your ideas.

Then another 10mn, 30mn or 1h to start creating…


When you’re about to give up because you don’t like the content you just produced, the challenge is: you have to share it.

No matter how bad it is.

In the beginning, not many people will see it anyway. But you would have proved to yourself that you accepted to fail and your imperfection.

If it’s really too hard, you can also delete the content at least 1 month later. (but not directly, otherwise this challenge would be nonsense)

So now, you know! πŸ˜‰

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Can’t wait to receive some feedback, and PLEASE tell me if you’re planning to challenge yourself by being vulnerable and accepting your imperfection! I’d love to know your project and results!

Well, thanks for reading & watching and see you soon! β˜€


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